Earn Money as an Affiliate.

The Fashion3DX Affiliate Programme gives you the chance to earn money $$$ by promoting Fashion3DX Academy training courses and tutorials to your friends, followers and audiences.

First, make sure you are logged in to your Fashion3DX Account.  If you don't yet have an account, you can register here (t's free).

Then, to upgrade your account to become an Affiliate, complete the form on on the page. We will review your request and respond (usually within 7 days). Make sure to provide the same email address as your main Fashion3DX login account.

See FAQ below for more information.

If you don't have a Faqshion3DX user account yet, create one for free.

How Does the Fashion3DX Affiliate Program work?

It's so simple...

As an affiliate, you can earn money, by promoting any of the Fashion3DX Academy training courses to your audience, friends, family etc.

For every course you sell for us, we will pay you 20% of the course price paid by the new student - as long as you follow the specific instructions below about links and tracking payments.   You will get a special ‘affiliate’ section of your Fashion3D Academy account, where you can track the progress of your affiliate sales, and upcoming payments.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Affiliate Scheme

It's so easy.

1. Log in to your Fashion3DX Academy account (or Register now, it's free)
2. Complete the form on this page (above) to request Affiliate scheme access.  We will check the details of your account are complete and accurate before completing your affiliate registration.

1. Log in to your Fashion3DX Academy account (or Register now, it's free),  In the top right hand corner of the website you will see a drop-down arrow with two options, ‘My account’ and ‘Affiliate’. Click the ‘Affiliate’ option. If you don't see the 'affiliate' option, this is because you are not yet an approved affiliate.  You will need to request to become an Affiliate first using the form above.

2. On your Affiliate account page, you will see a summary of the sales you have generated so far as an affiliate.  You will also see your unique affiliate ID, affiliate commission, and an input box to generate your personalised links.  

Let’s take the example that you want to promote our Style3D Studio Masterclass training course to your audience. The Link to the course is: https://www.fashion3dx.com/courses/style3d-digital-fashion-masterclass-the-essentials/.    

Therefore, you will need to add the following into the affiliate URL box to convert the link into a unique, personalised affiliate link
 "courses/style3d-digital-fashion-masterclass-the-essentials/” (without the quotation marks).

3. Then press Generate Link.  

That's it! You will now see the personalised affiliate link for you to use when promoting the course. This link contains special code, which allows the system to track any sales from this link back to your personal affiliate account to be logged and counted as commission payable.  You will simply need to copy this unique link, and use it in your emails, social media, or adverts to drive traffic to your personalised link to generate sales. 

For example, the special affiliate code for the above course link will look something like this…
*Where [your-affliate-ID] is the unique affiliate ID you have been assigned on your Affiliate page of the Fashion3DX Academy.  

NOTE: Te tracking system uses cookies to track affiliate rewards. The cookie timeout period is 30 days. This means the sale is only tracked back to you, if the user clicks the link and makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking the link.

There’s no cap or limit on how much we pay Affiliates. You will earn 20% of the course price for all genuine sales that you generate using your special Affiliate link. 

We send payments to Affiliates once per month.

There will be a planned-delay of one month following each sale being recorded to ensure the customer does not clam a refund in this period.  Commission payments are NOT made on sales that are refunded!  Therefore, if you make a sale on 1st January, payment will be delayed for 1 month until 1st February. You will then be paid on the following payment run within 30 days (assuming the customer has not claimed a refund).

Payments are made via Bank Transfer to your bank account. Or via Wise payment option.
At present, we cannot pay by Paypal or any other mechanism.

For new affiliates, we will contact you by email if any payments are due, to request your full payment details. We may make a test payment of £0.01 to you,  before sending the full payment for the first time we pay new affiliate.