About us.

We are a small virtual fashion studio in England, UK. We're small because we choose to be - to remain agile, efficient, stay true to our values and not put profit and greed before people and planet!

We are passionate about making fashion more sustainable and accessible by leveraging the latest digital and virtual technologies, to reduce waste, speed up workflows and reduce barriers-to-entry for new fashion designers.

We believe in democratising fashion, equality, sustainability, and above all kindness! For far too long the fashion industry has been controlled by a few profit-oriented gatekeepers.  With little care for the environment, nature, future generations, or people. We want to play our part in changing that! By pushing inspiring tomorrow's fashion designers, artists and creators to more sustainable workflows, and offering training to anyone who wants to join the digital fashion revolution.

We are believers in people. Honest, decent, kind people across the world, who want to bring back the joy of design, individuality, love and happiness to the fashion sector and ditch the global marketing machines!

We can't wait to be on the journey with you!

Jon & Kamol
The Founders of Fashion3DX Ltd.


Our training Academy was founded in 2022 to share the secrets behind the latest in virtual 3D fashion technologies and software across the globe.


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We live and breath fashion and creativity. There's hardly ever a day we're not creating something! Check out our latest work in the Creative Space