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Fashion3DX is the home of Digital Fashion creators Kamol Meesri & Jon Smith - pioneers in virtual fashion content, design and education.

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We're a small fashion design studio in the UK, specialising in virtual garment creation and the sustainable fashion revolution. We offer services in digital fashion design, 3D fashion content creation and education.

With many of the world's fashion houses now racing to update their digital work-flows, Fashion3DX are educating tomorrow's designers with essential digital fashion design skills.

Clo3D Training - Virtual Fashion Design by Fashion3DX
Clo3D Training - Virtual Fashion Design by Fashion3DX

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The global pandemic in 2020 forced the world to change. Digital transformation accelerated across all sectors. The fashion industry digitised through necessity initially, but now many fashion brands and designers are realising the freedom and creative possibilities in virtual garment creation and 3D fashion. Armed with a computer the right software skills, designers can produce patterns, garments, editorials and catwalk shows from anywhere in the world.

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