Fashion3DX launch new STYLE3D STUDIO MASTERCLASS training course for 2024!

Unlock Your Creative Potential with the Style3D Studio Masterclass!

Are you ready to revolutionize your fashion design skills? Look no further! The “Style3D Masterclass: The Essentials” course is your gateway to a world of limitless creativity. 

What’s it about?

This immersive course dives deep into the art of digital fashion design and virtual garment creation. Whether you’re a budding designer or a seasoned pro, our expert instructor will guide you through every step of your journey into Style3D Studio. From mastering 3D garment creation to nailing realistic fabric textures, you’ll gain the skills needed to bring your wildest fashion fantasies to life - and get TWO certifications from the one course (if you pass the assignment)!

Course Highlights:

  1. 3D Garment Modelling: Learn to sculpt stunning garments in a virtual 3D environment.

  2. Fabric Simulation: Understand how fabrics drape, flow, and interact with light.

  3. Texturing Magic: Create lifelike materials that’ll leave everyone in awe.

  4. Rendering Brilliance: Turn your designs into jaw-dropping visuals.

  5. Industry Insights: Get insider tips and hacks from professionals who use Style3D Studio everyday!

  6. Certification - Submit your work for the end of course assignment and you could earn an official Fashion3DX Academy certificate, PLUS an official Style3D intermediate modeller certification!

  7. Support - Jon and Kamol, the founders of Fashion3DX are available on email and live chat to support you all the way through the course. And will personally review and feedback on your work if you complete the assignment! PLUS join the community platform to share your work with like-minded fashion students.

  8. Practical learning - This isn’t just the Style3D manual in video format. No! It’s a professional course, designed for anyone to learn how to master the software, using practical skills, on real garments and projects! And you will learn how to promote your work too in an online portfolio (for free!).

Who Should Enrol?

  • Aspiring fashionistas

  • Design students hungry for innovation

  • Established designers seeking a digital edge

  • Entrepreneurs, SMEs, and enterprises wanting to upskill their teams in the latest Fashion Design and garment modelling software.

Why Choose Style3D Studio Masterclass?

  • Hands-On Learning: Dive into practical exercises and real-world projects. The course is bundled with 6 months FREE ACCESS to Style3D individual licence!

  • Community: Connect with fellow creatives and build lasting relationships.

  • Lifetime Access: Your ticket to continuous growth and updates. Watch the course as many times as you like, to solidify your learning.

  • Flexibility - Instant access for students when they enrol online. Watch the training WHEN you like and WHERE you like, to suit your schedule! Watch the videos on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone (with our mobile app).

  • Professional, Comprehensive Training - this is by far the most comprehensive and easy to follow, engaging course available. With 10 hours of training videos professionally recorded and clearly presented by Style3D Studio experts and certified trainers.

Ready to Elevate Your Fashion Game? Visit the Style3D Studio Masterclass course page for more details

Don’t just follow trends—create them. The Runway awaits!

Watch the 1 MINUTE overview of the training course promotion below.

For more information go to - Style3D Studio Masterclass course page

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