CLO3D MASTERCLASS: The Ultimate CLO Fundamentals Training Course - Go from Beginner to Pro in 2024

7+ hours of CLO 3D video training, step-by-step instructions taking you from novice to guru. Learn from the masters! Certification upon completion.


This course includes:

Over 7 hours of HD video training

Downloadable resources 

Unlimited lifetime access

Access from any device, any time, anywhere

Online assessment

Official Fashion3DX Certification

Course Summary.

Revolutionary new video training course, ideal for CLO 3D beginners and intermediate level users who want to perfect their knowledge and skills in this essential software package for fashion designers and creatives.

This course is NOT just the Clo3D manual regurgitated into boring bite-size videos. Fashion3DX believe you only learn by doing, and you only do something if you're motivated. That's why we created the Clo3D MASTERCLASS training course.

You'll learn how to create several spectacular 3D garments, each using different techniques as you follow step-by-step, click-by-click, feature-by-feature. By the end of the course you'll have a collection of virtual garments  in your virtual wardrobe, and you'll have mastered all the key features and functions within the Clo3D software.

The course is delivered entirely online. No CD's, no tapes, no books - 100% digital delivery, so you can start learning the second you enrol onto the course, from any device with an internet connection and modern browser*.

This course is written and presented by the founders of Fashion3DX - sharing all their tips and secrets of the 3D fashion design and CLO software.

*Image for illustrative purposes only. The course is delivered entirely online via streaming services.
**Bonus Pack is an optional extra, available at the checkout.

What you'll learn.

  • You'll create several garments in your 3D portfolio
  • Make garments using multiple techniques
  • Render high-resolution images of your 3D clothing on realistic models and avatars
  • Create editorial catwalk fashion videos of your garments
  • Create patterns for printing to make real life garments, including pattern lay and estimating material costs
  • Speed up your workflow and use the Clo3D shortcut keys
  • Understand how to create special fabrics like fur and iridescence
  • Create realistic scenes with studio and dramatic lighting, and HDRI maps.
  • Camera set-up basics, including achieving the depth-of-field look
  • Use the turntable to create 360 view of your garments
  • Master the Clo3D layout and menus
  • Load & Customise your own Avatar with different hair, shoes, and exact size measurments
  • Remove the default Clo underwear
  • Drape garments on avatars, use pinning and tacking
  • Drawn free-hand dress pattern
  • Sew pattern pieces together
  • How to create elasticated sleeves
  • Add tops-stitching
  • Create a skirt block from scratch using traditional pattern-drafting
  • Create a t-shirt by tracing a photo of a pattern
  • Make patch pockets
  • Manual and automatic size grading
  • Add graphics and appliques 
  • Add repeating-print to fabric and use the Texture Editor
  • Use binding
  • Create a ladies formal shirt from a pre-made Clo3D pattern block
  • Understand fabric properties to add extra realism, and use the Clo Fabric Library
  • Add and customise zips and buttons (two ways!)
  • Seam tape, Interfacing, bonding, strengthening
  • Create pants from a PDF/AI pattern
  • Create cami top using the 3D pen tool
  • Add piping to garments
  • Use Colorway mode
  • Drape multiple garments on an avatar
  • Use steam and pressing features
  • Move avatars into different poses
  • Add earrings to your avatar
  • Gathering and puckering
  • Rendering HD realistic images and videos
  • Animation catwalk and turntables

Bonus Pack.

Kick-start your Clo creativity and bundle the Fashion3DX BONUS PACK with your course.

This is an optional extra offered exclusively to students enrolling on the Clo Masterclass course.

Includes over £200 worth of additional assets, such as hats, garments, and Clo materials. Exclusively available to students enrolling on the CLO 3D MASTERCLASS at a discount price of just £40!

Simply add the BONUS PACK to your cart when you purchase the CLO 3D MASTERCLASS at the checkout.

Brilliant course. Exactly what I needed.

- Mia (Beta tester)

Course Curriculum.

Zac P

Fashion Student, USA

"I tried out the beta version of this course and I cannot believe how much I've learned compared trying to teach myself from random YouTube clips and the Clo manual. Fashion3DX have created something quite unique here, and I'm so grateful they decided to share their knowledge and tips in this Clo3D online video training course. I've been following their account on Instagram for months and now feel I could create something similar which a few weeks ago felt like a dream!" - January, 2022



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Anika Gupta

CLO3D - Masterclass

An amazing course to learn from. I appreciate the effort put into this course. The instructors are very thorough with each module and you can take your time to learn and grow. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning 3D Fashion.

1 year ago
Dafni Anastasiou

Best clo3d course

I am so glad I found this course! I finally can create my own 3d clothing. I really like the fact that there is no deadline in finishing the course, since I am a mum, and my schedule is full ! Kamol and John explain everything in detail which makes the course much easier. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.

2 years ago
Anna Loosli

Fashion 3DX Clo Masterclass - Fundamentals

Thank you so much for creating this course. It was such a big help in understanding Clo3D. I have never worked with Clo3D before this course and now I am able to create looks using turntable and catwalk animation (my own runway show) which is really amazing. I definitely recommend this Masterclass to anyone who wants to learn about Clo3D. Kamol and Jon are great at presenting and explaining each chapter as you progress thru the course.

2 years ago
Supritha gupta

Enriching Clo 3D course leading to being a Clo3D master

I have thoroughly enjoyed this well-constructed and methodical approach to 3D fashion design. The Clo3D course has been well-paced for beginners or intermediate learners and jam packed with excellent content. My learning has grown with confidence in short stages, to help me digest and invest in the 3D journey on offer. The video-learning delivery felt like a one-to-one session each time, as I had superb real-time support from Jon & Kamol; as required. I would highly recommend the Fashion 3DX courses to anyone looking for a uniquely-framed structure !!

2 years ago
Karen Brighouse

Really Great. An Excellent Clo Course.

I learned so much of Clo 3d software. Love the teaching style and pace of the course. I thought the lessons were well structured, and I've ended up making so many clothing items since too. I am super excited to now customize all my clothes and make even more using the Bonus Pack additional things too. Thank you Kamol and Jon (great support too!)

2 years ago



The course should worth with almost any device that has an internet browser. Some very old browsers may not be fully compatible, but you can check that your computer and browser are able to run the course before you buy. Simply click the 'Preview' button next to one of the videos in the Course Curriculum above. If this plays okay, then you're good to go!

This is an online training course. The training course is delivered 100% digitally via the internet. You will therefore need a stable internet connection to watch each lesson. Lessons cannot be downloaded and stored locally on your machine.

To get the most out of the course, you should also ideally have access to a computer running the Clo software. So that you can follow along and put your learning into practice. You will need this to complete the course assignment and receive your completion certificate. 

Students will receive immediate access to the course after enrolling. The course will be available in your 'My Academy' section of the website. You will have lifetime access to the course to watch as many times as you like.

This is an online course, therefore you will need a stable internet connection to stream the lessons, and to download the bundled assets included in the course.

Student will receive a number of assets bundled with the course - such as fabric 15x seamless repeating pattern textures, Cheat Sheet, 2x sewing patterns, and more. PLUS access too download the Clo Project files for each of the garments we teach you how too make during the course!

If you decide to add the Bonus Pack to your purchase during checkout, you will also receive all the additional assets too.  See below. 

The BONUS PACK is an optional extra - made exclusively available at a discount when bundled with the MasterClass Fundamentals training course. Add the pack to your basket during checkout. 

The BONUS PACK contains a selection of useful assets to support your Clo creations, such as 18x high definition Clo fabric materials, 10x garments garments exclusively created by Fashion3DX, sunglasses, 2x hats, hand-bag, 2x earrings, choker and neckerchief. All assets can be used directly within Clo to enhance your learning and Clo creations. The Bonus Pack is 100% digital - and can be downloaded from 'My Academy' section of the website immediately after purchase.