Seamless Textures Pack (Add-on)

The ultimate Fashion3DX collection of 200 seamless repeating pattern textures, to instantly improve your fabric prints and clothing designs.

200 x png files in 2K resolution. Instant access to download. Total pack download size 1.2GB. Seamless patterns. Royalty-free use.

What's included?

A completely unique set of 200 royalty-free seamless repeating patterns designed by Fashion3DX. 

Ideal for fashion designers in CLO 3D and Style3D software, to create endless fabric prints for clothing designs. Each file is supplied in full 2K resolution .png files, giving you plenty of scope to zoom in and still get crisp quality prints. The files are organised into 10 categories with 20 designs per category.

20 x Architectural
20 x Butterfly Inspired
20 x Checks and Stripes
20 x Colourful Abstracts
20 x Floral A
20 x Floral B
20 x Geometrics
20 x Monochromes
20 x Nature Inspired
20 x Misc.

After you purchase the pack, you'll have instant access to the 'how-to' quick guide video, and instant access to the downloads. The file size of the pack is over 1.2GB. To make downloading easier, we've split the pack into two download files of approx 600mb each. The files will need to be unzipped after downloading.

You'll get a full installation video tutorial showing how to install the pack for CLO and Style3D users. 


Limited offer was £29.99

YOUR PRICE: £14.99

Includes full installation instructions for CLO and Style3D.