F3DX Scene & Stage Pack Add-on

Ten ready-made 3D virtual stages and sets to propel scenes in to full editorial works of art. Unique 3D designs crafted by Fashion3DX.

Works in both CLO3D and Style3D Studio!

What is the F3DX Scene & Stage Pack Add-on?

This pack is an add-on for either CLO3D or Style3D Studio software. The add-on gives you full access to ten uniquely designed 3D virtual sets to instantly create drama and stylise your fashion scenes.  Perfect for creating editorial looks in your rendered images or videos.

Upon purchase you will have instant access to the download files, plus simple instructions how to install and use it.

Full instructions are included explaining how to download, install and use the Scene & Stage Pack.

What's included?

You will receive 10 virtual environments with the pack. These contain stages, props, lighting and camera set-up which you can load directly into your project files as a 'scene' in either CLO 3D or Style3D.

What software do I need?

You need to have either CLO 3D or Style3D Studio installed on your computer. The instructions will explain how to download the pack, unzip the contents, and use the scenes directly in your software.

Can I customise the colours of the props and stages?

Yes! You can assign your own colours or textures to each of the scene / stage elements. You can also change the lighting and camera set-up to suit your specific editorial design requirements!

What do the Scenes look like?

The F3DX Scene & Stage Pack v1 has been exclusively designed by Fashion3DX. Each scene creates a completely unique style and mood for your fashion editorial looks.  An example render of each scene can be found in the graphic on this page.

Example renders using the stages and sets from the F3DX Scene & Stage Pack add-on directly within CLO3D and Style3D Studio.

Get the F3DX Scene & Stage Pack Add-on today...

Enhance your editorial images and videos with the Style3D Scene / Stage Pack, exclusively available from Fashion3DX.

Each look has been designed and created by Fashion3DX to offer you maximum flexibility to expand your digital fashion experience.  From stairs, to stages, and even a space-age show tank!

After installation you can use the Scenes directly within your preferred software (either Style3D Studio or CLO3D). You will get access to both versions of the pack after you buy it, so if you decide to change software in future, your pack will still work in CLO or Style3D.

Change the colour of the floor, walls, props to create stunning new looks and moods for each scene. And change the lighting and camera angles just as you could in a normal scene. The creative possibilities to use this pack are endless!

Full instructions included with the pack. And of course, full support if you have any questions or difficulties. 



One-time fee, GBP 

  • 10 exclusive scenes for CLO or Style3D
  • Customisable colours, lights, camera
  • Instant download after purchase
  • Full instructions and support