Digital Fashion Training in 2024.

Learn how to design and create digital clothing patterns, 3D virtual garments, images and even animated videos!  Speed up your sampling and manufacturing Tech-Packs using the latest digital techniques.

The Fashion3DX Academy provides online video training courses in virtual clothing design and digital fashion creation.

Upgrade your skills today for the future of fashion.

Professional Online Training Courses in 3D Digital Fashion.

What software do I need? 
There are a couple of options on the market, but Fashion3DX recommend using either CLO 3D or Style3D software to create your virtual clothing. Once you've mastered one of these, there are other options to consider if you want to specialise in high-definition rendered images and catwalk animations, but learning Clo or Style3D are essential first steps.

What  hardware do I need?
Clo and Style3D software both run on a Windows computer or Apple Mac, ideally with a relatively modern processor and graphics card to get the best out of them. You'll also need an internet connection to download the software and to watch the Fashion3DX Video Training courses which are streamed online.

How can I start learning? 

(1) Choose which 3D software you want to learn then install it on your computer.
You can download a FREE 30-day trial of CLO 3D software here.

Or, we have an exclusive extended FREE 120-day trial of the Style3D Studio software here using our special invite code (APWA)!

(2) Join the Fashion3DX Academy (free to join!) where you will get access to regular freebies, receive news and 3D digital fashion updates via email.

(3) Start training with us!
Become a digital fashion guru and start training with our MASTERCLASS courses.
Style3D Masterclass training course 

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Featured Course.

The STYLE3D STUDIO MASTERCLASS - Beginner to Pro in 2024

Exclusively developed & Presented by the Founders of Fashion3DX

  • No previous skills necessary
  • Unlimited access, from any device
  • 10 hours of HD video training
  • Bundled downloads & FREE 6 months to Style3D Studio license!
  • Access to the "Masterclass Club"
  • Create 3D garments as you learn 
  • Easy-to-follow, slow, clear
  • Assessment & Certification

Buy once, watch as many times as you like, with lifetime access!

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