Can you learn Clo3D or Style3D in just 1 day?

These two titans of the clothing and fashion design software world are used by some of the industries biggest players. But how hard are they to learn?

Is it really possible to learn Clo3D or Style3D Studio in just 24 hours?

Style3D Studio and CLO3D are industry-standard software giants for 3D fashion design in 2024. They gained popularity among fashion professionals and enthusiasts particularly following the pandemic in 2019 and beyond. But can you truly master these professional softwares in just one day? In this post, we explore the possibilities, set realistic expectations, and discuss recommendations for success.

The Learning Curve

Learning pace varies from person to person, so it’s impossible to guarantee everyone will learn a new skill in the same timeframe. Some grasp concepts quickly, while others need more time. Also, factors like prior experience with similar software, design background, and technical aptitude play a role here. For example, if you already know how to use CLO3D software, then you’ll be at a complete advantage to someone who has never touched 3D or design software previously.

Therefore, beware any flashy headlines that therefore guarantee you’ll learn Style3D or CLO in 2 hours!

Both Style3D Studio and CLO3D are powerful tools with many different features, such as avatar manipulation, pattern creation, fabric simulation, and rendering to name a few. To learn 100% of these features in 24 hours is unlikely. However, you should be able to learn some of the fundamentals and basics within a day to get you started!

Finally, remember, proficiency requires practice, experimentation, and hands-on experience. Whilst the “10,000 hours to become an expert” myth has largely been debunked, the number is not really what matters here. Rather, that we need to dedicate time to learning and practicing to build a new skill. The more quality hours of time you put in to learn and practice a new skill, the more likely you’ll master it.

Becoming proficient in something isn’t just about watching a video. That could be part of the learning experience, but you need to combine this with practical, hands-on experience. Where YOU take control of the mouse, keyboard, and software to enable the neural connections to form, and cement your learning and long term recall of how to use the software.

What You Can Realistically Achieve in One Day

Basic Navigation:

You can realistically expect to learn to find your way around the CLO3D and Style3D interface, understand where the menus are, and locate essential tools.

You should also expect to be able to use the keyboard and mouse to navigate around in 2D and 3D space, panning, zooming, turning around etc. There’s no set standard for this in the 3D software world unfortunately, so you’ll need to learn the various mouse and keyboard combinations to achieve these sorts of manoeuvres. However, once learned, you’ll pick them up fairly quickly.

Avatar Customization:

You should be able to load a virtual 3D person into the software - often referred to as an ‘avatar’ in 3D software. And to customize the avatar by adjusting measurements, poses, and proportions to suit your project.

Simple Garment Creation and Draping:

Learning how to create a very basic 2D pattern (e.g., T-shirts, skirts) with the core tools is possible fairly quickly.

And, you should be able to pick up how to drape these basic patterns on to the avatar in 3D space.

This will help you also start to understand how fabric behaves in the simulation of the software which tries to emulate gravity, friction and movement.

Fabric Customisation:

Both Style3D and CLO3D have pre-made fabrics for you to load into your projects. These are fairly straightforward to assign to your pattern pieces.

You should also be able to learn how to apply fabric colors, textures, and prints to your project.

Basic Rendering:

Once you’ve created a simple garment and draped onto your Avatar, you can learn the basics of creating a simple, high-resolution, rendered image.

Realistic Expectations

As previously mentioned, mastery of complex software and skills takes time. Professionals invest months to become proficient in all the features of Style3D and CLO3D. So, don’t expect to create complex designs immediately.

However, don’t let this put you off! The experts had to start somewhere, and these are skills which will stay with you throughout your career or hobby so the investment in time is absolutely worth it. Especially when you see just how much you can create within your first day.

The key here is to understand that this is an iterative process. You’ll continually be learning and developing your skills. This is a journey - not a destination. So don’t put pressure on yourself to become a master of Style3D or CLO3D in a fixed time. Enjoy learning something new about the software or Fashion Design each day. And before you know it, you’ll be bringing your creations to virtual 3D ‘life’!

Structured learning

One of the quickest ways to become disillusioned and give up is to fill your brain with unordered, ill-thought-out, chaotic mash-up of tips, tutorials, articles, and YouTube clips in an effort by pass the basics or fast-track your learning. Usually, this results in chaotic thinking and frustration. Mess in = mess out.

Find a structured 3D fashion design training course, which introduces the basics well, and lays the foundations for your learning in an ordered fashion. This will significantly increases your chances of learning Style3D or CLO3D infinitely faster. And remembering properly what you learn to then apply to new designs and projects.

Finally, try not to jump ahead to learn advanced features and tools, before you’re comfortable with the basics. I know how tempting this can be, but again, this can lead to confusion or frustration, and increase your chances of giving-up or failure.

Conclusion & Recommendations

While you won’t become a CLO3D or Style3D expert in 1 day, you can start your journey today. And, with the right learning experience, you will be surprised just how much you can learn in the first day! Whilst these softwares are complex, they’re not designed to be complicated. It is absolutely possible for someone without any previous experience in 2D, 3D, CAD or design software to learn the basics of Style3D and CLO3D in their first day, and continue this learning each day - becoming an advanced user in a relatively short space of time.

Embrace the learning process. Celebrate small victories. Find a trainer that delivers tutorials in an engaging and practical way. With lots of practical insider tips from their years of experience to fast-track your learning and enjoyment!

In summary, we recommend:

  1. Set your expectations that you won’t become an expert overnight, but you will learn the basics quickly with the right training and enough quality time to learn and practice.
  2. Find a training course that has been developed for beginners/intermediate users. Ensure you get unlimited access, to watch, rewind and re-watch the videos as many times as you need. Ideally the training should be watchable on any device, such as your laptop, computer, tablet or even mobile device, so that you can have your Style3D or Clo software open alongside the training videos on another device or screen. Ensure the training covers a comprehensive curriculum, with clear learning outcomes, and a logical approach to building skills each lesson - with practical skills (not just a re-hash of the software manual in a boring, theoretical video!).
  3. Consider a course with an assignment, where your work is professionally reviewed with personal feedback to make you an even stronger user of the software and overall 3D digital designer.
  4. Enjoy the process. Have fun being creative and discovering new possibilities!

Recommended training:

Style3D Studio Masterclass - 10 hours of practical, on-demand, online training delivered by Digital Fashion professionals and Style3D Certified Training centre Fashion3DX Academy.

CLO3D Masterclass Fundamentals - 7 hours of practical, on-demand online training delivered by Digital Fashion professionals Fashion3DX Academy.

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