Learn how to create knots & ties in Clo 3D.

Don't tie yourself in knots trying to make ties, bows, knots in Clo! Fast-track your learning with these advanced techniques!

How to tie knots in Clo 3D: The complete guide!

Step-by-step guide to creating knots & ties in Clo 3D, including practical application for several knots using both real and 'fake' methods.


This course includes:

HD video training & voice over

Subtitles/captions in English.

Unlimited lifetime access

Access from any device, any time, anywhere

9 types of knots, ties and bows

Skill level: Intermediate - Advanced

What you'll learn.

  • The difference between 'real' knots and 'fake' knots in Clo
  • Step-by-step breakdown of how to create a basic knot in Clo using the 'real' method
  • How to tie a winter neck scarf 
  • How to tie a double-knot on a belt.
  • How to create a neckerchief
  • Neck tie (simple/Kent knot)
  • Knot a shirt into a crop-top
  • How to create a fake bow-tie
  • Neck tie (fake Windsor knot)
  • Tie bikini top strings (fake it)
  • Create a fake bow on a dress

Course Curriculum.


The tutorials contained within this course are designed for CLO users with a relatively good understanding of the basics of the software already.  This is not a beginners course, and we recommend that you are familiar enough with CLO already to be able to make pattern pieces, drape garments in 3D, and are comfortable finding your way around the CLO interface.

If you're fairly new to CLO, we recommend you first take the Fashion3DX training course "CLO 3D Masterclass Fundamentals" before attempting this advanced course.
  • Intermediate - Advanced training.
  • You should have a good basic understanding of Clo before attempting this course.
  • You should have your own version of CLO 3D software installed on your computer, to put your learning into practice.
  • You should have a good internet connection to stream the video training content, with sound/speakers to watch and listen.